Escape Samsara Cycle

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Escape Samsara Cycle [ ESC ] is an alternative / progressive rock band from Quebec city, Canada.
Skilfully blending progressive, psychedelic and electro-ambient sounds with the alternative rock sound of the '90s, their songs propel us into a transcendent and mesmerizing world with strong and catchy melodies, electrifying guitars and drifting ambiances.

The band started around 2015 when Max Lajeunesse started writing and crafting the sound of the first album ''A soundtrack to your Escape''. As the DIY recording journey began, he found other bandmates to push further the sound of ESC and the first album finally came out in 2018.

After a few local gigs and some line up changes, the construction of the 2nd album started when the band finally built their own recording studio, where they could develop their music together. As the new members were getting more creative and serious about their music, the recording process then took a huge step forward.

Being featured as an easter egg in the famous game ‘Borderlands 3’ and releasing a very first video clip for the forthcoming album were great achievements added to their portfolio. ESC is now back with a brand-new 8 songs album, named ‘The Awakening’.

Escape Samsara Cycle is:

Maxime Lajeunesse - Guitar and Vocal
Julien Adam - Guitar
Mario Tremblay - Bass
Eric Vidal - Drums

‘The Awakening’, ESC’s second LP, describes the eagerness to escape from the socio-cultural constructed behaviors that blind us from our own and real purpose as a human being. Each song represents a step in a journey towards this ''release/escape process” where the ego can finally dissolve and, as individuals, find our true nature.

The songs were mainly made from Max Lajeunesse’s demo songs and became a collective effort after two years rehearsing all bandmates together. For this album, ESC decided to make all the recording and creative process by themselves. To help the band raise the production’s quality, Raphael Malenfant at Broil Audio gave a hand on the mixing and Benoit Fecteau did the mastering process.

The songs approach vary throughout the album: Sometimes having a progressive / post rock approach, sometimes being more alternative ambient rock. ESC music genre could be appreciated by Porcupine tree, Katanonia, Karnivool, and A Perfect Circle fans.